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Holacanthella paucispinosa


A Photographic Guide to Spiders of New Zealand – Book NOW AVAILABLE



“A Photographic Guide to Spiders of New Zealand” is an up-to-date detailed guide to spiders that occur in New Zealand.

It covers 90 species, focusing more on the common place introduced spiders as well as rare New Zealand native spiders.

It gives details on their taxonomy, geographical origins, range and preferred habitat, plus special notes on behaviour, life cycle and diet.

Written by respected arachnologist Cor Vink with photography by macro specialist Bryce McQuillan.

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I am  A New Zealander, based in Rotorua. A lot of my subjects I photograph, are photographed around Waikato/Rotorua and upper North Island.

I have been extremely lucky to be able to see some of our amazing wildlife up close and personal in the forest. We have so many interesting species in New Zealand and still so much to learn and understand.

I hope one day I can head over to Australia and photograph some of the amazing spiders and insects they have over there.

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My photographs have displayed in a number of publications, events and places, including front covers of books and magazines. Here is a brief list of some of the publications I’ve had the privilege to be featured in:

  • Monsters in My Garden – Biological Reference
  • SPCA – Animals’ Voice
  • New Zealand Geographic Magazine
  • North & South
  • Forest & Bird
  • Wildlife Australia Magazine
  • New Zealand Journal of Zoology
  • and manymore..

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